Dine in the evening in the most exquisite restaurant
(jot down the name and don’t forget it: da Nino)
J.P. Sartre

Presentation / History

tradition and quality

Once upon a time there was ...

… and there still is, Ristorante NiNo in via Borgognona.
Just 80 steps from Piazza di Spagna and more than 80 years since it was first established, it is not simply the history of a highly renowned restaurant, but the story of a family that has kept the Italian culinary excellence alive over the years, with passion, dedication and sacrifice. Or should we say, the Italian culinary art. A highly complex art of handed down, traditional know-how, a custodian of recipes and secrets of which Ristorante Nino is a fine front runner.

The restaurant furnishings and menu tell the story of a part of unified Italy and several centuries of culinary culture: suffice to say that one of the very first culinary texts, defined a “Cookbook”, dating back to the first half of the 14th century, describes the preparation of beans in the Tuscan native dialect.

Ristorante Nino is a bit of our heritage and also our history, a story of authenticity

The style of the Restaurant therefore, does not reveal a nostalgic choice but rather a sentimental bond with an inviolated and inviolable pleasure of eating well in an elegant and exceptionally convivial location. And so the furniture, the photographs, and the assortment of dishes on the menu also take on another meaning: the choice to ensure that an authentic culinary tradition continues to flourish, a bold choice, made even more courageous by the fact that, in just a few decades, trends and marketing have led many bars and restaurants to crop up in the vicinity, completely without content or substance and  sometimes even without …a kitchen!


It all started when...

Gioacchino Guarnacci, NiNo for short, was born in Castelfranco di Sopra, in a beautiful village in Tuscany, and immediately after the First World War started looking for a job; after trying his hand at various trades which took him all over Italy, he arrived in Rome, with his brother, Mario, where they worked as employees in the restaurant industry. They then decided to open their own restaurant, initially in via Rasella and a few years later in via Borgognona. Nino and Mario made the perfect team, the former more creative and the latter with a flair for business and management.

Thank to their talent and determination, they soon became highly successful. The wholesomeness of traditional Tuscan dishes, the style of the restaurant and Nino’s unique creativity combined to bestow upon the Restaurant a certain importance and recognition, soon becoming the favourite haunt for actors, artists, and other important personalities of the time. Maria, Nino's eldest daughter, with the support of her brother Egidio and her sister Anna, have been managing the Restaurant since 1983, maintaining the style, the ambience and, above all, the wholesomeness of the food with outstanding naturalness and passion.

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Some specialties

a selection of dishes

  • Ribollita

    A winter soup typical of rural traditions in the Florentine area: black cabbage is the main undisputed ingredient.

  • Cannelloni alla Nino

    Egg pasta rolls filled with superior quality beef enriched with a meat ragout and a light béchamel sauce.

  • Bistecca di costa all'arrabbiata

    Sliced rib-eye steak tenderised and then cooked for just a couple of minutes in a boiling frying pan with oil, chilli and garlic to enhance the flavour of the meat even further. Historic dish, available all year round.

  • Fagioli Al Fiasco

    Tuscan cannellini beans slow cooked in a flask (in continuous movement) and seasoned with plenty of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.

  • Cervello Fritto o al Burro

    (Fried or Butter seasoned Brains)
    A matter of ultimate freshness and quality. This dish draws many gourmet enthusiasts to Nino’s as they know just how rare it is to find.

  • Petto di Pollo al Curry con Riso Pilaf

    (Chicken Breast Curry with Pilaf Rice)
    You will be astonished by the quality of the mix of Indian spices, blended by the expert hands of an Italian chef.

  • Ravioli di Fonduta e Tartufo Bianco

    The fragrance and “intensity” of the home-made filling made with cheese fondue and white truffle, bring a spark of warmth to cold winter days.

  • Castagnaccio

    Chestnut flour, pine nuts, walnuts and rosemary are the star ingredients of this traditional humble Tuscan cake.


Timballo di Zucchine

A triumph of Mediterranean summer flavours: :egg fritters, zucchini, fresh tomato sauce and lots of basil.

The Cuisine / Photo Gallery

The Cuisine

NiNo's cooking represents Tuscan traditions naturalised in Rome: the Tuscan specialties (steak, salted cod) blend with exquisite harmony with those of a typical Roman cuisine (artichokes, suckling lamb).
Seasonal dishes alternate alongside many specialities served all year long. .

The various vegetable dishes (Sformatino di spinaci, Carciofi alla romana, Timballo di zucchine ) are no less flavoursome than the meat dishes (Ascè, Bistecca alla fiorentina, Costa all'arrabbiata) renowned among the most demanding gourmet clientele.

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Tagliolini al Tartufo

Tortino di Spinaci

Fagioli e Tonno

Cuscinetti di Formaggio Fritti con Zucchine

Ascé Burro e Salvia

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

The Staff

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